Windsor-Essex: Corporate Testimonials


Tereza & Leigh Ann Hello

Tereza & Leigh Ann Hello
The Cabinet Studio (Canada) Inc. Windsor

"Thanks to the Small Business Centre, we're still opening new doors of opportunity."

Tereza and Leigh Ann Hello have provided custom cabinetry for kitchens since 1995. They first used the Small Business Centre while creating their business plan. 18 years later, offering the only full-green cabinet in the area, they came back for guidance about how to “get the word out.” Tereza was pleased to find that they were as responsive as ever, saying, “the Centre is extremely helpful no matter where you are in your business cycle.”




Steve Bradie, CEO, Green Shield Canada

Steve Bradie
CEO, Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada started here and still reaps the benefits of a Windsor-Essex location.

The little green-topped card that sits in thousands of Canadian wallets isn’t just a reassurance of exceptional care and value. It’s also the symbol of a great Canadian innovation that started right here in Windsor-Essex: Canada’s first pre-paid drug plan. But the “first” Green Shield Canada values most, says CEO Steve Bradie, “is that we put people  first – providing unique value-added services supported by advanced technology and exceptional customer service.” Not surprising, really, given the culture of innovation and community commitment that runs throughout Windsor-Essex. Learn more about the opportunities that await you in Windsor-Essex.



Elizabeth O'Neil, Chair, Highline Mushrooms

Elizabeth O'Neil
Chair, Highline Mushrooms

Highline Mushrooms: always growing in one of Canada's richest agricultural areas.

Highline Mushrooms is an international leader in innovative production. Highline is the first large-scale commercial mushroom grower to successfully implement a 100% pesticide- and fungicide-free operation. “We’re proud of our Essex County roots,” says Elizabeth O’Neil. “Our mild winters and hot summers support a strong agricultural industry, but it’s the community that has allowed us to grow, over the past 50 years, from a small eight-room farm to the most technologically advanced mushroom operation in North America. Great location, great people – that’s what makes this region a great place to call home.”