Staff - WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation


Susan Anzolin

Executive Director
Institute for Border Logistics and Security

Tel: 519.250.4444
Kathy Bellamy, Office Management Coordinator Kathy Bellamy

Office Management Coordinator

Tel: 519.255.9200 x2221

Holly Connelly Executive Liaison Tel: 519.255.9200 x2230
Direct: 519.997.2398

Edward Dawson Mobility Analyst Tel: 519-250-4444  x8758
Sabrina DeMarco

Executive Director, Small Business and
Entrepreneurship Development
Small Business Centre

Tel:519.255.9200 x2232
Direct: 519.997.2391

Ryan Donally Business Attraction Specialist Tel: 519.255.9200 x2245
Direct: 519.997.2921

Myrtle Donnipad Youth & Entrepreneurship Advisor
Small Business Centre
Tel: 519.253.6900 x2234
Direct: 519.997.2393
Shannon Dyck, Programs Advisor, Essex Satellite Office

Shannon Dyck

Small Business Centre

Tel: 519.776.1116
Marion Fantetti, Government Relations Marion Fantetti Business Ombudsman Tel: 519.255.9200 x2222
Matthew Johnson Director, Business Attraction

Tel: 519.255.9200 x2238
Direct: 519.997.2392

Stephen MacKenzie President and Chief Executive Officer Tel: 519.255.9200 x2237

Natasha Marar Business Advisor
Small Business Centre
Tel: 519.253.6900 x2231
Lee McGrath Director, Business Retention and Expansion

Tel: 519.255-9200 x2229
Direct: 519.997.2395

Cristina Melnik Information Coordinator Tel: 519.253.6900 x2233

Gina Meret-Dybenko

Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator Tel: 519.255.9200 x2228
Wendy Stark, Economic Development Officer Wendy Stark

Manager, Business Retention and Expansion

Tel: 519.255.9200 x2225
Direct: 519.997.2396

Lina Williams

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Tel: 519.255.9200 x2224
Direct: 519.997.2397