Professional Services & Back-Office Operations

Sector Profile

Windsor-Essex is home to a variety of call centre, back-office and information-based operations including dedicated facilities and privately-held companies peripherally engaged in call centre and back-office operations.  The professional services sector employs over 21,000 people in the region, has a less than 2% saturation of contact centre employment and an annual GDP of $600 million.
Legal and accounting firms, engineering/construction consulting firms, advertising and marketing agencies, management, technical and design consultancies, human resources services - all are vital businesses in the region. Thanks to a highly educated workforce, great international connections and low operating costs, Windsor-Essex businesses have an excellent support network that is essential to success. 

Sector Highlights

  • Large pool of available labour
  • Post-secondary institutions offer training in finance, information technology and human resources
  • Over 100 languages are spoken in the region and 15% of the population speaks more than one language
  • Almost 10% of the regional population can speak French
  • Facility lease rates are up to 50% less than the Greater Toronto Area

Education and Research

University of Windsor

  • Odette School of Business offers Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Science, Marketing and Strategy courses.
  • Programs in Computer Science include Applied Computing, Computer Information Systems and Software Engineering

St. Clair College

  • Programs in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, International Business and Computer Systems Technology programs

Other institutions within 30 miles:

  • Collège Boréal, TriOS College
  • Wayne State University, University of Michigan
  • Almost 6,000 Business Admin, Finance and IT-related graduates

Industry Strengths

  • Canada’s largest catchment area with over 7.7 million people within a 90-minute drive
  • Over 85% of businesses in the region have access to fibre optic/broadband
  • MNCs report high retention rates of employees
  • Over 140,000 financial services employees in Windsor-Essex and southeast Michigan

Accessible, Great Quality of Life

  • A 30-minute drive to Detroit Metro Airport, hub for Delta Airlines
  • Mild climate with 7 months of shirt-sleeve weather
  • Housing prices among the lowest in Canada, one-third the price of the Greater Toronto Area
  • Shortest average commute time in southern Ontario
  • 106 miles of shoreline
  • Small city feel with big city amenities

Most Business-Friendly Location

  • Low Canadian dollar
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Serviced land costs among the continent’s most attractive
  • Lower Ontario corporate tax rate for manufacturers compared to U.S.
  • A diverse community with 22% of the population foreign born
  • Business Ombudsman in place to support investors and businesses