Telecommunications companies in the Windsor-Essex Region offer a full range of voice and data telecommunications services including public and private line services and long distance - message toll and 800/888 service. A full range of business-related data communications networks and services are also available, including electronic mail, local area networks (LANs), telex, wide area networks (WANs), public message service, public databases, facsimile, and paging services.

Windsor-Essex Region Communication Services at a Glance

  • Digital Switching
  • Local Internet Providers
  • Fibre Optics
  • Internet ADSL
  • Broadband Retail
  • Satellite TV
  • Local Cellphone Tower

Ontario's communications networks are efficient, affordable and among the best in world. Ontario firms are leaders in communications technologies, including telecommunications, broadcasting, satellite and space technologies, short and long-distance telephone, fibre optics and terminal equipment such as private business exchanges (PBXs) and customer premises equipment (CPE).

Wireless services, including cellular telephone, radio-telephone (exchange or high frequency), PCS (personal communications services), multichannel multipoint distribution systems (MMDS) and LMCS (local multipoint communications services) are also available. Public and private telecommunications networks provide a number of enhanced calling features, such as call-waiting, call-forwarding, call-management and speed dialling; emergency call service (911) and special assistance to persons with disabilities.