Unique Tool & Gauge expanding, hiring in Windsor

Thursday, October 23, 2014

CBC News

Unique Tool & Gauge is expanding in Windsor.

The company will invest $3.5 million in new machinery and plans to hire 30 new  employees.

"We're seeing quite a demand in the auto industry and we foresee this staying like this for some time," said CEO Darcy King, who speaks for the company. "We want to be able to increase our efficiency. We want to be able to increase our sales, be able to be a bigger player within the industry and making an investment like this will enable us to do so."

King said the company is looking for a variety of employees.

"We're looking at all different levels of skills. So we're looking at people that, maybe, are mechanically inclined, that just want to get into the trade and maybe we can train them," he said.

The company is also looking for skilled employees who "have been working in the industry for quite some time."

"So we're looking for the whole spectrum of people that are out there," King said.