First tomato harvest done; Highbury Canco all about growth now

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

With its first tomato harvest done and deemed a success, Highbury Canco is now looking to diversify with its own products and process food for companies other than Heinz.

“There’s really no time for us to sit back and relax,” Highbury Canco president and co-owner Sam Diab said last week as production moved from tomato juice back to other Heinz products.

“Now it’s all about growth mode. We took this thing on thinking we needed this Heinz business as a stable business for us and needed to establish ourselves and make sure that we protect Heinz and their interest … but we knew that very shortly thereafter we would be moving a lot of our resources and efforts into growing the production out of this facility.”

Diab said Highbury expects in the next year to have its own products on the market, although he can’t reveal what those could be. Less than half of the products the company is considering are tomato-based, he said.

The plant is also looking to process food for other companies, too. The exchange rate is attracting attention from U.S. companies, he said. [Read More]