Make a Leap to a Heathier You

Monday, February 6, 2012

Join the Windsor-Essex County Flash Mob

 People from across Windsor-Essex County are encouraged to get moving in a flash.

"Many of us started out 2012 by making a commitment to eat healthier and become more fit," says Thanos Zikantas. "But it's been a month since we made those New Year's resolutions and we thought people might need some help staying true to that promise so we're organizing Flash Mob 2012.

"Everyone in Windsor-Essex County is encouraged to learn the same fitness routine, then come together to show off your New Year's promise to yourselves."

Recognizing there was an increase in obesity and heart disease, the owner of 3Gyros created, a social media platform where people are provided with exercise routines and nutrition advice. Flash Mob 2012 is the next step in fulfilling that promise.

Getting involved is simple. Sign up at and you'll begin to receive emails including instructions on how to learn the exercise routine. The time and location of the flash mob will be shared with all of those who have signed up online. You have the option to join the primary mob, or to start your own, then send us photos or videos of how you participated in Flash Mob 2012.

A number or organizations and individuals from across the county have come together to help coordinate the initiative, including choreographers Glen Bacarro and former Olympian Krista Kersey, chef Angela Olivito, We-Tech Alliance, Windsor Economic Development, MYNP coaches Kimberly Siepmann of Kiki's Kitchen - a Gluten Free Zone and Sarah Ilijanich with Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts and CBC through its Live Right Now campaign.

"Windsor - Essex County is a great place where we look out for one another and support each other in all kinds of way. That can apply to health and fitness too," says CBC News at Six host Susan Pedler, who has helped to encourage more than 2000 people to walk daily as part of the Live Right Now Windsor Walks activity.

Make your promise to fitness today at http://www.flashmob2012/. And if you want to help Windsor to become the Live Right Now fitness capital of Canada, also take the extra step to sign up with the Windsor-Essex County Flash Mob 2012 - LRN Facebook group.

For more information, contact:

Thanos Zikantas