Need for a Multi-functional Food, Arts and Entertainment Venue

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MANAN Strategy Consultants Survey

MANAN Strategy Consultants is working with one of our clients to undertake a feasibility study to evaluate the need for a multi-functional food, arts and entertainment venue in Windsor. As part of this study, the community-at-large is invited to take part in an on-line survey (click on link below).
 The proposed concept is meant to be a destination for residents and visitors alike. The planned entertainment experience would combine the concepts of a dinner theatre, comedy club and late night show into one facility that will be able to offer customers the option of enjoying up to three entertainment experiences in one night.
 Thank you in advance -- and feel free to forward this survey to your family, friends, colleagues, clients and/or members. Your participation is very important greatly appreciated.
 All those completing the survey will enter a draw to win a $100 gift certificate to his/her favourite restaurant in Windsor-Essex.