Brew Pubs, Microbreweries Booming Business in Windsor

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CBC News

There’s something brewing in Windsor — and it’s beer.

If all the brew pubs and craft breweries and microbreweries that are scheduled to open this year in Windsor do so, it will bring the number to about 10.

“People are starting to realize there are a lot more than the big boys playing the game,” said Adriano Ciotoli, who runs “People are realizing the flavour and flavour profiles that can be created.”

Ciotoli called Walkerville Brewery the spark behind the craze. The brewery, first founded in 1890 by Hiram Walker, opened in its current form in 2012.

Motor Craft Ales, the microbrewery operating out of the basement of Motor Burger, wasn’t far behind.

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