From One Foreign Trained Professional to Another

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Language and Soft Skills Make the Difference

Written by Heather Williams

On Tuesday, March 6th, The fourth annual conference for internationally trained professionals (ITP Conference) took place in Windsor, Ontario. Immigrants who moved to the Windsor area from around the world, with varying professional backgrounds, gathered at the Caboto club in hopes of hearing useful career advice and a chance to network.

"I tell most of the ITPs I meet that it's not so much their qualifications that can be an issue, it's the so-called soft skills," Shared the conference guest speaker Rakesh Naidu. "Language skills, business ethics and work culture knowledge are equally important."

Volunteering is one way of practicing language skills in a work environment, but there are online courses available to improve communication skills. For those who are accountants or finance professionals, Language Education for Accounting Professionals (LEAP) has online courses available to help new Canadians with language skills specifically in their field.

 Click here for more information on our online language skills courses for accountants and finance professionals!


Language Education for Accounting Professionals (LEAP) is Canada's leading source of language and soft skills training and assessment solutions. From online courses, to in-class workshops, LEAP can help organizations and individuals reach their communication improvement goals. Contact LEAP.


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