Schulich School Helping Retain Physicians

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blackburn News/Ricardo Veneza

Windsor-Essex is becoming an attractive option for young physicians.

Students at the University of Windsor’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, such as Noor Jawaid from London, feel as though they’ve been embraced by the local community through training locally. “The preceptors are phenominal at making the students feel like they’re actually part of the team and feel like you’re actually making a difference during training. It really lends itself to us feeling and getting to know what it would actually be like to actually practice in Windsor in the future, which is something I probably wouldn’t have thought of before coming here, but now I would absolutely consider coming back.” Jawaid adds that the possibility of eventually working at the new one-site hospital is a big selling point for staying in this region.

Three other medical students, including one from Calgary, spoke about choosing Windsor-Essex at a news conference put on by Windsor West MPP Teresa Piruzza, Monday.

The County of Essex is spending $162,000 on physician recruitment this year and next, as many municipalities in the region are experiencing a shortage. The City of Windsor pulled funding from its recruitment office in 2011, in favour of a new recruitment model.