B2B program with Daimler Trucks in Mexico / May 29, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Source: Jeanine Lassaline-Berglund via iMiN

The Canadian Consulte, in conjunction with Export Development Canada are organizing a B2B program in Monterrey with Daimler's trucks division in Mexico. The event will happen the last week in May, tentatively on May 29th.

Daimler's main target are suppliers that either have operations in Mexico or that are seriously considering establishing operations in Mexico. Although in exceptional cases they would consider Canadian exports, if proven more competitive than commodities purchased in other regions. Although the former scenario being their main objective and the latter being the last scenario they would like to pursue.

Below you will find the list of their purchasing needs that they would like to localise in Mexico:
• Blow molding (reservoirs/ air ducts)
• Painting (e-coat)
• Door seals (rubber extrusion)
• Plastic injection (100 - 3000 tons) Interior/ Exterior parts
• Metal stampings (50 - 1500 tons)
• Iron Castings (Ductile) Chassis parts
• Steel castings (not iron) Chassis parts
• Fuel/ Air Tanks
• Mufflers
• Switches
• Dipsticks (full assembly)
• Heatshields
• Open Molding (fiber glass)
• Reinforced reaction injection molded (RRIM)
• Aluminum Extrusion
• Antennas

Basically at this point we are contacting Canadian companies that are under the categories listed above and we are liaising with them and inviting them to the Daimler Trucks supplier's day we are organizing. Although we have a good handle on the Canadian companies established already in Mexico, we would appreciate knowing about you and connect with you directly.

All inquiries should be directed to:

David A. Valle
Trade Commissioner| Délégué commercial
Consulate General of Canada | Consulat général du Canada
Ave. Gómez Morín 955 Sur, Suite 404
Col. Montebello, San Pedro Garza García, N.L
México 66279
Tel: (52) (81) 8378-0240 ext. 3351
Fax: (52) (81) 8356-9965
E-mail: david.valle@international.gc.ca