Press Release: Green Sun Rising - A Canadian First

Monday, February 24, 2014

Green Sun Rising Inc
1680 Kildare Road
Windsor ON  N8W 2W4
Tel 519 946 0408


Green Sun Rising, Essex Counties longest operating solar company, is proud to announce that its solar PV off-grid system "Energy Cabin" is charging an electric vehicle (EV), even under the present winter conditions in Ontario.

The solar power of the solar carport at the RET-Center operated by Green Sun Rising is charging the battery bank inside the Energy Cabin, which also includes the inverter and all electronics.The GM Volt operated by Green Sun Rising is being charged by this solar off-grid system, completely autonomous and without any energy coming from the grid.

This solar system can generate in one year as much electricity as the EV uses in one year under typical driving conditions. The Energy Cabin can store energy and make it available when needed.In this combination total autonomy can be achieved, using purely solar energy.Renewable, free of charge, clean, no emissions or noise, this is the most environmentally friendly way to generate and provide energy.

Clean energy generation can power not only residences and businesses, but can also provide for clean transportation. Green Sun Rising is inviting the public to visit the RET-Center at 1680 Kildare Road in Windsor  to see solar systems in operation.

Klaus Dohring
Green Sun Rising Inc

Windsor Essex EV Association became inspired and soon had 3 Volt’s charging from the Energy Cabin.