Pupatello Sells Windsor-Essex At Summit

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blackburn News

The CEO of the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation is getting the word out about the region has to offer American food processors.

Sandra Pupatello spoke at the Michigan Food and Agriculture Border Gateway Summit in Livonia, Michigan. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Canadian Consulate and the Global Food Protection Institute hosted the seminar focusing on international border issues facing the food and agriculture sector.

She says a lot of American companies have no idea what Windsor-Essex has to offer. She cites improving border access with the new crossing between Windsor and Detroit, and a lower cost of doing business than other regions in Canada, along with the success of existing food companies, like Mastronardi Produce. “(They) didn’t realize we have over 60 food processing companies here,” she says. “You want to be in a cluster, so you know you have access to the workforce and all the benefits. If 60 companies can make a living and do well, there’s a reason that they’re here.”

Pupatello says she didn’t shy away from the Heinz closure in Leamington. She says there’s a change in the way food companies do business across North America.

Click HERE for Ms. Pupatello's presentation.