Current Initiatives

Developing Green Technologies

A $1.4-million grant will help fund a new clean diesel research project and will cement the University of Windsor's growing reputation as a leading centre for the development of green technologies. A recipient of funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Researcher Ming Zheng said the research will "help develop new technologies, give the diesel engine new life and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels." The funding will help the centre improve diesel fuel efficiency with ultralow emissions using adaptive combustion control. It will also enable Zheng and his team to research after-treatment methods, innovative engine design and diesel-based hybrid electric drive-train configurations.

Institute of Diagnostic Imaging Research

The University of Windsor Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research is a multidisciplinary collaborative research and innovation consortium dedicated to the development of innovative diagnostic imaging technologies and products using advanced and diverse imaging techniques. The Institute was formed in conjunction with an initiative by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Ontario Government which provided an initial research investment of $5 million.

The Institute will foster a multi-sectored approach involving the University of Windsor, private and public sector partners, and all levels of government to create an environment where collaborative researchers and partners can combine their efforts in a synergistic manner to drive innovation and success. The Institute conducts novel and innovative imaging research that can be commercialized through technology transfer initiatives that include the private sector and the development of spin-off companies.

Renewable Energy

The WEEDC is supporting a pilot project for an innovative power storage system for renewable energy re-generation.

Software Development

The WEEDC is currently assisting in the re-location of a company's R&D division which will focus on software development.

WINnovation Software Creations

The University of Windsor and WEEDC have developed WINnovation, an initiative to encourage local start-up companies and entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize new products by offering them technical support and mentorship.