County Councillors Updated on Lauzon Parkway Project

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Windsor Star/Julie Kotsis

County council received an update Wednesday on the environmental assessment of the proposed Lauzon Parkway extension. Now the public will have 45 days to add comments before the report is filed with the province for approval.

County CAO Brian Gregg said consultants working on behalf of the City of Windsor, Essex County and the province have completed the assessment on the extension of Lauzon Parkway to Highway 401 and beyond to Highway 3, upgrading and widening County Road 42 from Walker Road to Puce Road and the potential for a new arterial road within the city just north of County Road 42.

Gregg said total estimated construction costs are $176 million but that doesn’t include the costs of utility relocation or property expropriation.

“It would be one of the most significant road expenditures that the county and the city have done together,” Gregg said.

The EA report will be available at all city and county municipal halls and on their websites beginning Monday. After 45 days, any questions or concerns will be addressed and the final report will be filed with the province for approval.

“Where the rubber really hits the road is when the city and the county determine (when to go ahead),” Gregg said. “Portions are scheduled to be completed by 2021, some extend to 2031. It really becomes a function of what the need is.

“The province has made it clear – they’ve helped us to fund the study so far but they’ve made no commitment with respect to ongoing construction costs so it will either fall to the county residents to fund (the estimated $55-million county portion) over time or we would certainly seek some funding from the province or perhaps the federal government,” Gregg said.