Windsor, Ontario, To Install 23,000 Led Streetlights

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has approved municipal funds for the city’s full scale conversion to LED streetlights. The project, part of the city’s capital improvement budget, is slated to begin in mid-2014 with a completion time frame of approximately two years. Plans include the replacement of all decorative, cobrahead, and historic streetlights with solid-state LED streetlights. The city of Windsor will purchase and install over 23,000 LED streetlights.

“We conducted several pilot installations to test LED streetlight technology and determined that converting all our streetlights to LED made sense. In our pilots we tested LED streetlight fixtures manufactured by LED Roadway Lighting and Philips Lighting,” said Tiffany Pocock, project administrator for the city of Windsor. The two pilots were conducted on Raymond Avenue, which reported a 58% energy savings and on Matchette Road which resulted in a 32% energy savings. Once the conversion to LED streetlights is complete, the city expects to save about approximately CDN$36 million, over fifteen years, in energy and maintenance costs, according to city council documents. “The installation will be done on existing poles,” said Pocock.

Initially, the city will issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to determine a short list of potential suppliers. This document is expected to be released around March or April 2014. “We are not specifying any manufacturers or products, but we will provide performance specifications,” said Pocock. The city has budgeted CDN$14.3 million for the project.