Quicken Loans’ Virtual Jobs Fair Ready to Launch Next Week

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Windsor Star/Dave Waddell

Windsor mayor Eddie Francis said the plan to help locals with IT skills find employment with U.S. mortgage-lending giant Quicken Loans will be launched next week.

Francis took the wraps off the idea of holding a virtual jobs fair for Detroit-based Quicken Loans in his State of the City address Thursday.

“We’ve already created the website, it’s just a matter activating it next week,” Francis said.

“There are five or six IT positions they’re looking for right now. This will allow Windsorites a chance to fill those positions.”

The Quicken Loans’ jobs to be listed on the site will be a .Net Developer, a SQL Data Base Administrator, Data Warehouse Engineer, Business Intelligence Solutions Engineer, a Modeler-Predictive Analyst and a Bayesian Learning and Network Analyst.

Quicken Loans, which employs nearly 10,000 and is headquartered in downtown Detroit, is a perennial top 10 finisher on the annual list of best companies to work for in the U.S.

Last year, the third-largest mortgage lender in the U.S. issued US$70-billion in home loans

“People can go to the website (to) fill out the application and file their resume,” Francis said.

“It’ll come to us. Quicken Loans human resources will then go through the applications and do interviews.”

Potential employees will also get support from the company in getting the paperwork required to obtain the green card that allows foreign workers to take a job in the U.S.

Francis said a publicity campaign to publicize the website will begin within a matter of days.

“They obviously like the idea and see it as a win-win situation,” Francis said. “It showcases what we can do to help.”

Francis said he got the idea to approach his contacts at Quicken Loans after reading several articles on the company’s struggles to find IT talent.

“The company was searching out of state for people, so I asked if they’d consider looking at people from this side of the border,” said Francis, who added this opportunity is a direct result of the networking with Detroit’s movers and shakers he other city officials engage on a regular basis.

“I don’t think they’d thought of it. This is a new concept for them.”

The search for local talent to fill the positions will be the initial focus, but then Francis said an effort will be made to expand the search to Ontario and beyond.

“The expectation is there are people in the city, especially young people, who can fill these positions,” Francis said.

“If not, we’re looking at people re-locating here.

“There are many people from here working in large urban areas like Vancouver and Toronto who might want to come back home for a good paying job in IT and our lower cost of living.”

The website will also be available for local firms to post IT jobs they’re having a hard time filling.

Francis is hoping the relationship with Quicken Loans and other U.S. firms can expand over time, but said it’s just another little chip out of the large challenge of solving Windsor’s unemployment issue.

“Every little bit helps,” Francis said.

“This clearly isn’t the extent of our jobs plan. It’s one element looking at a way to create opportunities for people.”