Cavalier acquires Mold Services Intl.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Windsor-based mould maker Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing Ltd. has acquired Mold Services Intl. (MSI), which makes single material plastic injection molds and SMC compression molds in a facility in Oldcastle, Ont., just outside of Windsor.

“With MSI’s innovative technology and 22,000 sq. ft Oldcastle facility complementing our own, we increased capacity in gun-drilling, EDM (electrical discharge machining), plate milling, large roughing, large 5-axis and toolmaking. This also allows us to capitalize on greater volume opportunities.,” said Cavalier president Brian Bendig on a LinkedIn post.

Bendig says the acquisition brings to Cavalier capabilities the company used to outsource, noting that MSI is a strong business and will continue to operate in a stand-alone capacity.

“Our intention is not to go in and pull the place apart,” says Bendig. “We want the business to run as it is. It’s profitable: it stands on its own two legs. It runs the way it runs now. We want to learn that and understand that,” said Bendig in a press release on Cavalier’s website.

“Our number one focus during these discussions has been that we take care of our employees and customers.  It was crucial that we partner with someone who can appreciate and carry on our legacy of over two decades in business,” says Jim Damphouse, MSI’s owner and general manager. “Cavalier provides that comfort and we are excited to see how much can be achieved in joining forces.”

Tim Galbraith, Cavalier sales manager and long-time board member of Canadian Association of MoldMakers, says the shared mindset of both companies is investment in people, process and equipment, and that is what made the acquisition so appealing.

“MSI is not an autocratic tool shop – their environment also caters to their people, whom they recognize as their most important asset,” says Galbraith. “It’s created a strong team atmosphere that reinforces a key dynamic of the Cavalier philosophy…People…Process…Equipment.”