Jumpstart Recovery Program Launched to Assist Small Businesses

Thursday, February 11, 2021

CKLW AM 800/Zander Broekel


Help is on the way for small business struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to provincial funding, the Windsor-Essex Small Business Centre is launching the Jumpstart Recovery Program which will offer $5,000 grants to help cover COVID-19 related expenses.

Sabrina DeMarco is the Executive Director of the Small Business Centre.

She says the program also includes planning and mentorship resources.

"The Small Business Centre recognizes the need for local businesses to adapt their business models," she says.  "The Jump Start Recovery Program will quickly equip businesses with a $5,000 grant, business continuity planning resources and mentorship to modify their operations and increase the likelihood of business sustainability and growth."

DeMarco says they're expecting a big response from small businesses.

"We know that our businesses are resilient, but they are struggling during this time and they're looking forward to reopening," says DeMarco.  "They're looking for some relief from some financial pressures. So I imagine that there's going to be a great response to the program that we've just launched."

She says the goal is to quickly provide some much needed help.

"We want to make the most effective use of the programs that we have available to us," she says.  "So this program is unique in the sense that it's available to early stage businesses. We're pivoting so that we can provide a quick, rapid response for our businesses and get them the funds and supports that they need at this time."

Applications for the program are open until the end of February.