Local Talent Wins 'Best Music Video Award'

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts
Gavin Michael Booth Email: gavinmichaelbooth@gmail.comPhone: 519-560-1673
Jeff Nadalin Email: jeffnadalin@hotmail.comPhone: 519-563-7311
Windsor, ON, Thursday, August 13th, 2013. The Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts, the local non-profit host of Raindance.org, is making note of the recent achievement Windsor-born filmmaker, Gavin Michael Booth, who recently shot an award winning video at the new Raindance Centre (RaindanceCentre.com) at 709 Ouellette, which is undergoing renovations.
Booth’s hard work and talent have paid off.  He and Canadian Band, Emma-Lee, were nominate and just recently won “Best Music Video” at the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards. Demonstrating that Windsor certainly does have potential for artistic merit, it is rewarding to see that the Raindance Centre and the Windsor Centre for Film, Digital & the Creative Arts are participating in bold steps to bring new life to the film, music and the creative arts.
“This is what we are building – a 28,000 sq ft venue for the creative class in our city to come together and produce award winning material in film, music and art as well as a place where special events and projects can launch.  Gavin Booth’s award is good for everyone in that is draws attention to the talent Windsor has to offer,” says Jeff Nadalin, President of the new non-profit film collaborative.
Gavin Michael Booth used the Windsor Centre for a music video for Emma-Lee. Showcasing his unending talent in directing and cinematography, Gavin arranged a beautifully stylized music video, filled with local people from around the area of Windsor, clad in horrifying zombie, monster makeup and the matching ripped attire. Having already filmed for Figure It Out [Beauty And The Beast] and now Shadow of a Ghost, this marks this second collaboration between these creative minds.
“Windsor has been home to four feature films and over forty music videos for me.  This award represents the hard work and passion Windsor talent including producer Marie Jeannette and the cast of Emma-Lee's video dedicated to make this level of quality possible,” says Booth.
Alongside the release of the short film, Emma-Lee and Booth released a behind-the-scenes video of the production, serving as a gateway for local artists and aspiring filmmakers to witness the passion and effort gone into a project such as Shadow of a Ghost. Bringing the community just a little bit closer creatively, Booth managed to successfully use the Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative arts to his advantage for this undertaking. Painting a short and sweet story, Booth molded an exciting digital media expression of the band where the band members have a shocking experience upon realizing their audience is consisted entirely of zombies, and showing their trials of escaping their own event.
The owners of the Raindance Centre are Amanda Gellman, Rhys Trenhaile and the Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts, making it a public/private partnership.  Their collaborative goal is restore the facility and to have it managed by the new film-centred non-profit, which is also the regional host for Raindance Windsor-Detroit.  Raindaince.org is an international organization with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, London (UK – headquarters), Paris, Brussels, Dubai, etc.  Additional information on the Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts can be found at FilmCampForKids.com.