Chairman of Mold Makers Association hopeful for Trade Stability

Sunday, November 8, 2020

CKLW AM 800 / Angelo Aversa


As U.S media continue to predict Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States, business leaders in Windsor-Essex believe it will be positive for the area.

“We need stability and from the Trump administration we weren’t getting that,” says Jonathon Azzopardi, chairman of the Canadian Association of Mold Makers.

Speaking to CTV Windsor on Sunday, Azzopardi did note that the most recent trade agreement between North American countries has been great for Canada.

The deal was put in place during Donald Trump’s presidency.


“That trade agreement will bring lots of benefit to Canada and we needed to get that in place as fast as possible,” Azzopardi said.

He admits the threat of tariffs on industries such as steel and aluminum was a constant concern.

“Fifty-four thousand people in Windsor Essex depend on manufacturing and exporting to the United States,” Azzopardi said.

The same sentiment is being echoed by the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce president, Rakesh Naidu.

“We’re going to move forward in an amicable manner where we’re trusting each other,” he said.

Naidu believes president elect Biden has always been pro trade and a supporter of Canadian businesses.


He sees new life and opportunity for certain job sectors.

“Clearly the manufacturing industry and the auto industry will benefit,” Naidu said.

He also sees greater potential for the agri and renewable energy sector.

“Trading with us makes business sense for them,” Naidu said.

He describes the last four years of trade between Canada and the U.S. as turbulent.

Naidu believes the U.S. could take a different approach on the handling of COVID-19 under Biden, which could speed up trade between the two countries.

“U.S. people benefit tremendously by trading with Canada so they will see the merit of doing business with Canada,” he said. “I’m very hopeful.”