OneLedger partners with the Institute for Border Logistics and Security (IBLS) to launch the International Health Passport

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada – Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - OneLedger, a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions company with offices in Toronto, ON, and Barbados, has joined the Windsor-Essex Regional Technology Development Site (RTDS) program, through the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), an Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE) initiative. The WindsorEssex RTDS is led by the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation’s (WE EDC) Institute for Border Logistics and Security (IBLS), with a mandate to provide an infrastructure of knowledge on cross-border logistics and security through collaborative efforts across academia, research, industry and government in the field of transportation, cross-border logistics and security. Under the umbrella of the Windsor-Essex RTDS, OneLedger will partner with WE EDC to provide a scalable health and safety solution for cross-border traffic.

The rise of the pandemic has caused significant restrictions on cross-border traffic between Canada and the US. Essential workers, including hospital care workers and commercial traffic, cross the border daily, even through these trying times. Their health and safety, and the safety of the people they encounter on both sides of the border, is of utmost importance. The only way to ensure this is through frequent testing and a system that provides different levels of access to multiple government and healthcare institutions.

“We have seen plenty of applications released during COVID19 for tracking and tracing, all of which are reactive trying to detect who a person came in contact with after they already contracted COVID. None of these help reopen the economy, none of them have a proactive approach and that’s what we are trying to solve. We are trying to get back to a new normal.” Aly Kassam, Director of Product at OneLedger.

The International Health Passport is built on OneLedger’s proprietary blockchain and is a subset of their Identity Management solution.  All the data in the Health Passport will be encrypted at rest and in transit, only Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certified professionals will have access to any of the health information.  All other parties, including border officials, will be granted access based on user permissions. Testing records are designed to tie to a unique QR code embedded within the app making it easy for Immigration and Health officials to scan and retrieve the information. Blockchain technology makes the data immutable, thus preventing fraud at each point of entry. OneLedger’s novel technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with centralized passport and government identity systems. The partnership with WE EDC will provide OneLedger with resources to beta test the International Health Passport for traffic across the US and Canada border, which is the first step in getting the solution accepted.

OneLedger is excited for the opportunity to capitalize on the WindsorEssex region’s unique, cross-border positioning and partner ecosystem, to help accelerate the adoption of this innovative system that will be yet another tool in the arsenal against the COVID-19 pandemic. By additionally leveraging TalentEdge funding through the AVIN partnership, OneLedger is also looking to recruit top tech talent from the University of Windsor to help bring the product over the finish line.

"The Windsor Essex COVID-19 Economic Task Force was established by the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation on March 18, 2020 representing a broad cross-section of industries in Windsor-Essex, Ontario Canada. Initially convened to respond to the needs of companies, the Task Force is looking to turn its focus to growing a resilient local economy. Ideas like OneLedger’s International Health Passport is an innovative approach to help re-open the borders between Canada and the USA.”  - Stephen Mackenzie, President & CEO WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation

The International Health Passport is scheduled to launch in early Q4 2020 and will involve onboarding various organizations to start the solution's beta trials. The current infrastructure is also designed to scale to international travel and other industries, including Healthcare and Education, further helping to stop the spread.

Watch the International Health Passport video.

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