Media Release: Windsor Essex ‘Can’t Wait’ For A New Hospital Says Economic Development Agency, Launches Digital Campaign

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

WindsorEssex Economic Development Corp.



Windsor-Essex, JUNE 3, 2020 – The WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation (WE EDC) has launched a new campaign supporting a modern hospitals system for the Windsor–Essex Region. The ‘WE Can’t Wait’ campaign will mobilize voices from across the region to reinforce the importance of a modern hospital to the region’s future economic prosperity and public health.
Community leaders in Windsor–Essex, including front-line medical staff, business-owners, community organizations, and the labour organizations will be delivering the message loud and clear that Windsor-Essex can’t wait any longer for this necessary infrastructure. The general public will also be asked to participate as part of this interactive grassroots campaign. 
“Windsor-Essex has been talking about the need for a modern hospitals system for long enough. The families and businesses of our community simply cannot wait any longer,” said Stephen MacKenzie, President and CEO of WE EDC. “With the global pandemic demonstrating the failures of our aging infrastructure, the need has never been more clear.”
The ‘WE Can’t Wait’ campaign will use social media to mobilize residents and business leaders from the region- asking them to participate in activism to support the construction of the new hospitals system. Residents and business owners are encouraged to visit the campaign website at to add their names in support.
“Building a modern hospitals system is the exact kind of infrastructure stimulus the regional economy needs right now. We know that healthcare infrastructure is essential to attracting both talented workers to the local economy, as well as something investors here in Ontario and abroad look at when making investment decisions. A modern hospital and a healthy economy are closely linked,” said MacKenzie.
According to a study compiled by KPMG, the Windsor–Essex economy stands to benefit from more than 13,000 full-time equivalent positions created by the delivery of this project - a significant stimulus to the region’s economy. WE EDC is committed to securing this important economic stimulus and key infrastructure for the region’s economy.
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