Watch APMA's Webinar: Mixed Reality in a COVID-19 Manufacturing World

Friday, May 1, 2020


If you missed APMA's Chief Technology Officer Colin Dhillon discussing Mixed Reality in a COVID-19 Manufacturing World with a panel of AR and VR experts you can watch it here:

About this Event

Digital streams of data/information can be expressed in many different ways, on many different types of materials, and in many diverse systems. eXtended Reality (XR), which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, and more mature digital technologies that include smartphones and tablets. When combined with IoT, analytics, and driven by artificial intelligence, software (applications) can be developed to aid your workforce. The challenge that the automotive and other sectors face is that we don't have 'digital twins' of our manufacturing system and processes.

Could this be why eXtended Reality (XR) has been slow in providing benefits to our bottom-line?

The APMA's CTO, Colin Dhillon, sits down with experts from companies including Autodesk, Microsoft, WIPRO, Virtualware and IBLS. The panel will have an informative discussion on the opportunities and challenges of leveraging Mixed Reality in a COVID-19 Manufacturing World.


The Panel:

  • (Moderator) Colin Dhillon - CTO, APMA
  • Michael Sagan – Technical Solution Executive: Automotive, Autodesk
  • Sean Graglia – Mixed Reality Lead, Microsoft Canada
  • Michael Gardiner – Manufacturing Industry Lead, Microsoft Canada
  • Ajay Sinha – Head of Engineering Design Services Consulting, WIPRO
  • Michael Rosas – VP North America, Virtualware
  • Ed Dawson – Mobility Analyst, IBLS
  • Akash Charuvila – Virtual Reality CAVE Operator, IBLS