Recovery & Rebuilding the Region - Design Challenges

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Communities everywhere have felt the impact of COVID-19 — Southwestern Ontario among them. Comprised of diverse talent, innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, we know that disrupted times invite innovative solutions.

That’s why Libro Credit Union, Pillar Nonprofit Network and TechAlliance have partnered on the Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenges, to accelerate and scale select “Made in Southwestern Ontario” products, services and solutions with a $20,000 financial investment and a suite of personalized support services ready to make a meaningful impact.

To ensure timely mobilization and solution delivery, each challenge period will run for ten days. Three days to plan. Three days to apply. Three days to evaluate submissions. On the final day, we’ll announce the successful applicant and deploy support.

Challenge #1: “Recovery” will focus on responding to immediate health or social issues related to COVID-19 — starts April 27

Challenge #2: “Rebuilding” aims to support economic recovery and community prosperity within Southwestern Ontario

Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenges are an open call from London to Windsor and Waterloo, and are co-presented by Communitech and WEtech Alliance, for agile and inclusive innovation designed with diverse perspectives in mind.

Innovative and technology-enabled solutions that put people at the centre of their design open the door to new, inclusive and disruptive approaches to economic recovery and community prosperity.

Applicants are encouraged to design with empathy for those most affected by COVID-19, and be mindful of diverse perspectives as they create their solutions. We also encourage applications from grass-roots initiatives, individuals or teams of people who are engaged in startup or scaling enterprises and nonprofits.

Be part of the recovery and rebuild. Southwestern Ontario is ready for your solutions.

Read the full Design Challenge announcement here.