Praise for local companies making PPE

Thursday, April 16, 2020

CKLW AM 800/Zander Broekel


In an effort to get much needed personal protective equipment to frontline workers, the provincial government is working with thousands of companies.

In just a short time, many have stepped up and switched production to help, including several in Windsor-Essex.
That's according to Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Vic Fedeli who told AM800's The Afternoon News that the response has been amazing, with more than 3,700 companies across the province offering to re-tool their plants.
Fedeli says Ford in Windsor was one of the first companies to step up.
"We see the true spirit of Ontario coming through here," he says. "Ford is making face shields. They were one of the first manufacturers to announce a big move toward making personal protective equipment or PPE. They've been a real leader in this regard."
Fedeli says several small businesses in Windsor-Essex have gotten on board as well.
"The Denture Centre is using it's 3D printers to make masks. Tsunami Glassworks and Sophie Lighting, they're making face shields with their equipment." he says. "We've seen so many generous people in Windsor who are supplying frontline health care."
Fedeli says $50-million has been set aside for companies interested in re-tooling.
"We never want to be caught again short of these products. So we put together a $50-million fund to ask companies to start either re-tooling their shop or buying new equipment to make personal protective equipment," he says.
If you have a business that's willing to make or donate personal protective equipment, CLICK HERE to find more information on the provincial government's Ontario Together website.
The site has received over 16,000 submissions since the COVID-19 pandemic began.