Survey on Skills Needs from Conference Board of Canada

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Have your say on emerging skills shortages for Ontario employers.


The Conference Board of Canada is conducting a study on the current and emerging skills shortages facing Ontario employers. The study will identify the occupations and postsecondary credentials that Ontario requires to support future economic growth and prosperity, and spur decision-makers in government, business, and education to take action.

If you are an employer, or make hiring decisions within your company, we would like to invite you to complete an online survey to offer your thoughts about the skills shortages you face, the impacts you expect on your business and the economy, and what strategies leaders in government, business, labour, and education should adopt to address the challenge. The survey is easy to complete and should take approximately 10 minutes to finish.

Rights of Research Participants

You are not waiving any legal claims, rights or responsibilities because of your participation in this research study. If you have any questions about the research project, please feel free to contact Christa Ross of The Conference Board of Canada ( If you have any concerns about the study and wish to speak to someone not associated with the project, please contact Mr. John Fairley, Vice President, College and Community Relations, St. Clair College, Tel: 519-972-2762 or email:

If you agree to participate in the study, please click on to complete the survey.

Completing the survey implies consent for participation. A full explanation of the study is available at that link. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and results will be reported in aggregate form only, not from individuals.  After completing the survey, you will be presented with the option to sign-up to be emailed a copy of the final report when it is released.

We hope that you will take the time to contribute to this research. It is important that your voice be heard!