Amherstburg touts former Honeywell property for development

Saturday, February 15, 2020



The Town of Amherstburg is submitting three potential locations to support large-scale manufacturing operations as part of a provincial program.

The Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation approached the municipality to submit large areas of land over 500-acres.

The Job Site Challenge is a new program looking for properties that would be suitable for manufacturing development.

CAO John Miceli says the Honeywell property came right to mind.

"We continue to say that our Honeywell property is a premier location in the province, we say that not simply because of the location, but the amenities it has to it. It has rail, water access and it has a deep port."

He says one of the challenges with the Honeywell property is that it is a brown field site.

"We would like the province to consider the re-development of a brown field site rather than a green field site, " he says. "We think it is the responsible thing to do, but right now with the Job Site Challenge, there is not as much credit being given to that and that's what we are trying to articulate to the province."

Miceli says WEEDC approached the town for submissions.

"We are bringing that forward to the Windsor-Essex County Economic Development Commission and we are going to work with them on bringing our project forward, I know other municipalities in the region also have some locations that they would like to be considered, but it doesn't preclude us though as a municipality of making our own submission if we are not the one selected to move forward."

The town is also submitting over 500-acres of land east on Howard Ave and North Townlines as well as 221-acres on Thomas Rd.