Automotive industry will continue to roll on in 2020, even without January Detroit auto show, says expert

Sunday, January 19, 2020

CBC Windsor



Greg Layson says automakers will still use June's auto show in Detroit for some surprise reveals

International auto enthusiasts, residents of Detroit, Mich. and Windsorites alike may have noticed a distinct lack of the automotive industry's usual pomp and circumstance this week. 

That's because the North American International Auto Show — colloquially referred to as the Detroit auto show — didn't take place this week. In fact, it won't be taking place in January at all this year. 

Instead, 2020 will see Detroit play host to one of the world's largest auto shows in June, allowing industry insiders and enthusiasts the chance to enjoy the expo in warm weather, rather than January colds. 

Greg Layson, digital editor of Automotive News Canada, sat down with Windsor Morning host Tony Doucette to talk about what it means for the industry now that this year's Detroit auto show is set for the middle of the year, rather than the start. 

Are we better off not having an auto show at this time of year?

Well I don't have to put on my boots and winter coat and brave the weather to go over. So in that sense, yes, you get to enjoy it during the summer when it's beautiful outside in the U.S. midwest and southern Ontario.

But this is the area in which you work. Are you feeling a little bit of withdrawal yourself with no auto show in January?

It feels a bit odd, because I'm used to getting up at 5 a.m., 6 a.m.and heading over for the big awards to kick everything off, and then media week … because it is a very long or normally is a very long media session, to introduce us to vehicles, products, parts, all that kind of stuff that's sort of been put on hold until June.

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