Residential Growth in Essex

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

CKLW AM 800/Rob Hindi


The Town of Essex is seeing a growth in residential development.

Councillor Steve Bjorkman says the growth is happening all over the municipality.

He says there are roughly 580 available properties up for grabs in the town with an additional 100 on the way.

Bjorkman says developers have their eyes on Essex.


"The amount of feedback we're getting from developers as to our promotions especially out in Harrow," says Bjorkman.  "We've waited a long time for some development in Harrow and Colchester South and they're taking advantage now of the incentives we've put out there so it really shows what we're doing is starting to pay off."  

He adds some new subdivisions have already started.

"Those are subdivisions that are building, are engaged and will begin," says Bjorkman.  "So we don't expect to have that many building permits next year but over the next three years that's what's going to happen."   

Bjorkman says the additional 100 properties are within proposed subdivisions.

He says one subdivision has already had its site plan approved.