New technology improving traffic flow on Huron Church Road

Friday, October 25, 2019

CTV Windsor / Bob Bellacicco


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WINDSOR -- Technology is helping to improve the traffic flow in Windsor.

The Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation used a provincial grant to pay for camera technology from Miovision, as part of the redevelopment on Huron Church Road.

The technology from the Kitchener-based company tracks how vehicles, cyclists and people move.

Five cameras were installed in July at three intersections along the new stretch of road on Huron Church Road.

Spokesperson Tom Schnekenburger says they discovered more truck traffic than previously thought.

"There's never less than 50 trucks through Huron Church at any given time, so in any 15 minute segment of time, there's at least 50 trucks going through and that happens all through the night," says Schnekenburger. "It peaks at about 250 through the mid-part of the day and then filters off."

The worst days of the week are Tuesday's and Thursday's.

The city has also synchronized the traffic lights on Huron Church Road, and Schnekenburger says they have improved travel time by 20 per cent.

Miovision Vice President Erin Skimson says the technology can help municipalities make better traffic decisions in the community.

"The data that the city is going to get with this kind of technology can really compel them to make the best decisions, to optimize for whatever the challenge of the moment," says Skimson. "You want to make sure you've got people who can get to where they need to get to as efficiently as possible."

The cost of the cameras was covered by the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation, through a grant from the provincial government.