Quicken Loans hiring 'every week' to fill Windsor office, says chief people officer

Thursday, September 5, 2019

CBC Windsor


Quicken Loans chief people officer Mike Malloy said Wednesday his company is continuing to hire staff to fill their offices at the Old Fish Market Building in Windsor, Ont. 

Malloy said Quicken Loans is hiring staff for the Rocket Innovation Studio brand, adding a "dozen or more [are] there now, and [we] are hiring everyday."



The company originally said renovations on the Old Fish Market Building would be completed by the first or second quarter of 2019, but Quicken Loans has yet to formally launch its Windsor office. 

"Right now, we have jobs open and [we're] interviewing people everyday in software development, software quality, data development," he said. 

According to Malloy, Windsor and the surrounding communities in the region have provided a "great pipeline of talent."

He said the company hasn't had any trouble finding talent in Windsor-Essex.

"We've had great outreach with a lot of stakeholders in the technology community, as well as with the universities, who've been incredibly welcoming to us and excited about the opportunity to have this tech hub here in Windsor," Malloy said. 

When Quicken Loans originally announced in October 2018 its intention to establish a tech hub in the Rose City, the company said the goal was to grow the office "to more than 100 tech workers."

Malloy said the company is "building to that" number.

"When you do something for the first time, you learn as you go," he said. "So we've been learning, making sure we got the construction right, making sure the site was just right for our team members and then making sure we establish the right relationships and had the roles that were really going to drive value for the Windsor community."

Though Quicken Loans doesn't currently offer mortgages in Canada, an October 2018 media release said the company has "publicly stated its interest in learning about the Canadian home mortgage market."