New City Pharmaceutical Facility Up for CIP Dollars

Monday, July 15, 2019

CKLW AM 800/Gord Bacon


Windsor's Community Improvement Plan is working and a new pharmaceutical facility on Howard Ave. is proof.

That's according to Ward 3 Councillor and Development and Heritage Standing Committee Chair Rino Bortolin.

Pancap Pharma Inc. will be shelling out a total of $6.6-million to renovate and expand a facility at 2679 Howard Ave. in the coming years. 

According to the report, the company will employ 50 people in the first phase, and more than 100 long-term — that doesn't account for jobs generated to renovate the existing structure and build a new building.

The standing committee will now have to put its stamp of approval on the incentive that brought the development to the area in the first place.  

Bortolin tells AM800 News, approving the tax-break for a company that's helping the city's mandate to diversify should be a "slam dunk" for the committee.

"It's not jobs related to the auto sector or spin off jobs from that, it's actually a pharmaceutical, medical and research facility," he says. 

He hopes the facility does more than boost surrounding businesses and restaurants during work hours.

"These are the types of jobs that people will hopefully choose to live near where they work and also start to choose neighbourhoods in and around that area to actually set up roots and start their life with their family there," says Bortolin.

Bortolin says it's exciting to see the program is making Windsor an appealing choice for developers.

"This is another great economic boost to the area, looking at adding 100 jobs in about five years," says Bortolin. "It's a great way to basically celebrate the CIP that's actually working."

Bortolin says with work being done to improve and increase the size of the facility it's hard to give an exact value on incentive, but it's based on the taxes levied on the property.

The report recommends the project receive "the maximum allowed grant" over the next 10 years.