Essex Launches Business Attraction Campaign

Friday, May 17, 2019

CKLW AM 800/Rob Hindi


The Town of Essex is looking to attract new businesses to the municipality.

It's launched the "Join Us In Essex" campaign, putting business people front and centre.

Economic Development Officer Nelson Silveira says the goal of the campaign is to promote local growth and stimulate investment in the community.

Silveira says five local businesses will be showcased in this year's campaign — Blimey's British Shop, Onyx Fitness Solutions, Garfield's, Brenko's House of Pizza and FLO Hardwoods.

He says the town along with its' business owners have a lot to offer.

"We're very diverse in our municipality," says Silveira.  "We spread from the centre of the {Essex} county all the way down to Lake Erie's north shore, so there's multiple businesses that are very diverse across the municipality. There's no really better way to showcase them and showcase that the Town of Essex as a great place to invest."

He hopes the campaign attracts small independent businesses.

"They are the bread and butter of our municipality, they really make up the fabric of our municipality," says Silveira.  "So that's really the focus of this campaign."

Silveria says the town also has a community improvement plan businesses can take advantage of.

"The main point that we try and get across is that we have incentives available for business that are looking to expand within the Town of Essex," he says. "Again, it's not just aesthetics incentives, it's development charges, building permits all that stuff that really accumulates and costs businesses that are just starting out, it really helps them in the short term."

The campaign will be available through printed and digital materials.

The town will promote the campaign at events and trade shows and on social media.

The slogan for the campaign is "What You're Made of Is What We're Looking For."