Beerded Dog Brewing Company Opens In Harrow

Sunday, May 12, 2019


A new brewing company has opened in Harrow. The Beerded Dog Brewing Company is a micro-brewery pub which offers craft beer, wine, and local spirits in a casual laid-back and fun atmosphere. While initially serving a number of local beers, the brewery plans to brew their own beer on-site in the summer. “Both of us were born and raised in the area,” said owners Kim Iler and Rae Kratz. “We fell in love with the building its history. We also love and truly believe in small community and buying local. Harrow is a great location and market for the growing brewery, winery, and distillery industry.” The brewery currently employs nine people and may look to hire more in the future.

It is located at 21 King Street East in Harrow Centre.  It is open to all ages.