New monthly Job Search & Job Demand Reports launch during EcDev Week 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019




New reports aim to support talent attraction, retention and development

Windsor, ON – Workforce WindsorEssex, the region’s Local Employment Planning Council, has launched two new monthly WEdata reports using locally-collected labour market data. These reports will help job seekers better understand employer needs and vice-versa, making them invaluable for community and government organizations supporting economic and workforce development in the region.

The Job Demand Report shows the total number of jobs posted last month, the top hiring employers, top jobs in demand, as well as characteristics about the job postings, including if they were full-time or part-time and if they were permanent, contract or temporary positions. April 2019 was the first month we created this report using our own locally-collected job posting data, which means we were able to count job postings from 14 unique national, provincial and locally-significant job boards. Past data excluded local job boards and major job boards such as indeed.

The Job Search Report is a first of its kind report for this area, detailing the job search behaviour of online users who interact with job postings on three job search platforms including WEjobs board, WEmap jobs and WEexplore careers. First-time visitors are prompted to voluntarily provide their gender and age when visiting these tools, allowing us to anonymously collect data about the interactions (ie. clicks) they perform on our tools.

Over the next year, Workforce WindsorEssex will be writing blogs that analyze these two reports and the other data we collect to help improve the job posting experience of employers and the job search experience of jobseekers.

April 2019 Job Demand Report highlights include:

  • 6,120 job postings
  • 65.2% of all job postings were in the City of Windsor
  • 89% of all job postings were full-time and 90% were permanent
  • Top posting employers were Sutherland (133), Petsmart (54), Walmart (46), Caesars Windsor (42), Centerline (Windsor) Limited (40.
  • Top 3 jobs posted were for retail salespersons (247), other customer and information service representatives (236), and retail and wholesale trade managers (176)


April 2019 Job Search Report highlights include:

  • 5,121 unique users visited WEjobs board, WEmap jobs and WEexplore careers.
  • 25,013 total interactions/clicks were recorded on WEjobs board, WEmap jobs and WEexplore careers
  • 72.6% of all usage was interactions/clicks recorded by users who voluntarily shared their gender. As a result, we know that 38.4% of all clicks on the sites were performed by females, 33.5% of all clicks were by males, and 27.4% did not disclose.
  • Among all age group users, 35-54 year old jobseekers were most likely to be using our job finding tools.
  • The most commonly selected search filter for skill type was management, and for skill level, it was professional occupations.



“These monthly reports will help us better understand employer needs and jobseeker behaviour. This kind of local data could provide important insight into how employers could recruit more effectively, what job opportunities the workforce is seeking out, and how the workforce views their own talents, qualifications and capabilities.”

  • Michelle Suchiu, Executive Director, Workforce WindsorEssex


“It is no secret that workforce is the fuel that drives a region’s economy. The reports produced by Workforce WindsorEssex give us a unique pulse on sector hiring and talent required, and provides workforce intelligence we can present to prospective investors. This type of information, along with the data collected by our Regional Economic Development Survey, truly provides Windsor-Essex with a competitive advantage.”

  • Stephen MacKenzie, CEO, WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation


“Working with Workforce Windsor Essex is very beneficial for our agency in helping to provide in-demand job leads to our clients.  Also, through our vast network of employers these new monthly reports are vital to finding the right fit for both employer and potential employee. By utilizing job search reports generated by Workforce Windsor Essex, it helps the employer understand the job seeker and what they are searching for.  We would not have these valuable reports to use when assisting our clients and employers, if it was not for Workforce Windsor Essex.”

  • June Muir, CEO, Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor Inc.





  • Our job posting data is sourced from 14 unique job boards including Canada’s Job Bank, Indeed, Career Arc, Jobillico, Kijiji, Charity Village, Eluta, WEtech Alliance, Lucas Works, ZipRecruiter, South Essex Community Council, Unemployed Help Centre, GECDSB Assessment Centre, and Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women.






  • On April 17, 2019, Workforce WindsorEssex launched WEjobs board, which displays job postings in a traditional list format. New jobs are added hourly and expired postings are removed daily. It can be accessed at


  • In February 2019, Workforce WindsorEssex launched WEmap jobs, which displays local job postings, connects users to 18 related services including employment supports, childcare centres, and training, while also making planning your commute easier. It can be accessed at


  • In 2018, Workforce WindsorEssex launched WEexplore to make the process of finding, researching and applying for in-demand jobs and browsing their career paths easier than ever.  It can be accessed at


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Justin Falconer
Senior Director
Workforce WindsorEssex




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