New Campaign Markets Windsor-Essex as Start of Canada

Friday, March 22, 2019



The WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation has launched a new campaign to promote Windsor-Essex outside of the region.

A 28 page booklet titled 'Your Future Starts. Where Canada Begins...Windsor-Essex" was delivered in the Globe and Mail, reaching a readership of 400,000 people.

Ontario, Montreal and Winnipeg are the targeted areas for this promotion.

The marketing initiative highlights the area with its career opportunities, quality of life, business and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Corporation CEO Stephen MacKenzie feels confident that using actual testimonials from people who live and work here can best tell the story.

He says they wanted to change the perceptions about the region.

"Look at the map, we're the closest point to the United States, we're the busiest crossing.  This is where Canada begins, and it was kind of a reversal of some of the stereotypes that were still in existence about Windsor and Essex County."

He says hearing from the firms and people who have moved here is a key message.

"It promotes the region, it works toward business attraction, it works toward workforce attraction and so we're really pleased with it again this year."

MacKenzie says the previous two years of the campaign have been successful and he looks forward to the benefits from this one.