Workforce WindsorEssex unveils new online jobseeking tool

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Windsor Star/Mary Caton


The latest online tool for job postings by Workforce WindsorEssex allows users to also identify the best public transit route to a potential workplace and the nearest child-care centre among other services.

The free mapping tool known as WEmap jobs was unveiled Thursday at the offices of Employment and Social Services for the City of Windsor.

“I’m going back to my desk and sending this out to my staff right now,” said Andrew Daher, the executive director of Employment and Social Services.

In 2017, Workforce WindsorEssex launched the original WEmap tool, which displayed job postings by postal code and Windsor Transit routes.

This new tool also maps transit in LaSalle, Tecumseh and Leamington and lists postings geographically by street address. It allows a user to search the proximity of 17 other services such as child care, apprenticeship training sites, schools or employment services.

The tool is available in 104 languages.

“This takes it to another level,” Daher said. “It’s not just looking at the employment piece, it’s layering it for the single mom who’s looking for work but also needs child care or if they don’t have access to a vehicle, needs public transit.”

Justin Falconer, a senior director at Workforce WindsorEssex, demonstrated how a user could tailor their search using different key words. Searches could also be narrowed to full-time or part-time positions.

“It’s all to your individual interest or skill set or specifications,” Falconer said. “It’s all to make your life a lot easier if you’re looking for work. It’s going to hopefully save jobseekers a lot of time.”

Michelle Suchiu, Workforce WindsorEssex’s executive director, said a team led by Falconer spent four months developing the new online tool.

Suchiu said they will gather feedback from employment providers like the city to gauge the tool’s impact.

“This new tool is both comprehensive and simple to use,” Suchiu said. “It will be of great value to jobseekers, employment counsellors and parents in our community.”

Falconer said the online tool is available to the public at

Workforce WindsorEssex was created 10 years ago through a partnership between the city, the county, the province and the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation to plan, facilitate and advocate for regional workforce development.