Community Bike Kitchen Officially Opens New Walkerville Location

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gord Bacon/AM 800 CKLW


Windsor's Community Bike Kitchen is ready to roll at its new Walkerville location.

Bike Windsor Essex was evicted from its location on Pelissier St. and University Ave. last year, the late Mark Boscariol had promised space at the now shuttered Snack B-B-Q but that fell through shortly after his death.

Sho Gallery stepped up and offered space at its Monmouth St. location near Wyandotte St. E. and The new location opened Wednesday.

Executive Director of BWE Lori Newton says the location couldn't be a better fit.

"It's a really wonderful collaborative space now where we can promote their art and their craft events and they can promote cycling along the way," she says. “[It’s a great area] to explore public art, to explore our architectural heritage, to explore all the great things that are going on in our city. So this is a natural extension of that"

The new location will feature more work stations for repair and education for all ages, but accessibility is the best part, according to Newton.

"You're no longer going to have to drag bikes down the basement stairs and work in a basement — we are on one floor, we have a wonderful garage door," she says. "Our rides will take off from here, which is a wonderful benefit because we're going to be able to east as well as west in that sort of two hour span on Saturday mornings."

Newton says a refurbished bike rental fleet will be ready by late winter and a full season of Saturday morning Explore Your City Rides is in the works.