Town of Essex is Open for Business

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Rob Hindi/CKLW AM 800


The new council in Essex is letting developers know the town is open for business.

On Monday, council gave the go ahead for a zoning amendment and a zoning bylaw change.

Council has decided to change the zoning for property on County Road 13 in Harrow from residential to medical.

There is a developer looking at potentially building a medical centre on the property.


Council also made a zoning bylaw change to allow 40 foot building lots on vacant land south of Maidstone Avenue West, behind the Canadian Tire and McDonalds for a proposed subdivision by the Valente Group.

Mayor Larry Snively says he's pleased the developer is willing to work with the neighbouring residents in Harrow.

"I can see the concerns of the residents that live right next door and hopefully the developer will come to grips with their concerns and doing it the right way for them," says Snively.

nively says the land in Essex Centre has sat vacant for a number of years.

"I can remember when I was mayor back in 2002, it was vacant and we didn't have any development there, now we have the Valente Group, they're going to develop it," says Snively. 

Snively tells AM800 News the proposed subdivision will be done in phases and the 40 foot lots have been approved for the first phase. 

"As far as 40 foot lots, if you go out to our neighbouring municipalities a lot of them carry 40 foot lots and I see a lot of nice homes on 40 foot lots," says Snively.  "It's cost, retail cost to the consumer hopefully we can build a little cheaper house and more affordable homes."    

Snively adds there are two or three more projects in the south end of town that will begin in the new year.