Supporting local talent the way to build Windsor's film industry, says film studio owner

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

CBC News


Nick Shields says it's important to focus on celebrating filmmakers and artists in the region


The key to making Windsor an attractive place for outside producers to make movies locally is to build up the infrastructure.

That's according to film studio owner Nick Shields, the owner of Suede Productions and the first sponsor of the Windsor International Film Festival when it started back in 2004. WIFF is in town for the 14th time this year.

Shields said when producers look for a location, they also look for resources, talent and a crew.

"Windsor doesn't provide a lot of that," he said. "You would have to fly all that in. when you bring all that in, that's huge overhead."

However, local filmmakers are able to make their projects happen because they are "building it all in passion," so they manage to pull pieces together to make it work.

"We're a very, very creative place and I think that's what's going to get traction out there in the market." [Read More]