Crown Royal Factory (Diageo N.A.) Doubling Capacity in Amherstburg

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

CKLW AM800/Zander Broeckel


Amherstburg's largest employer is expanding its operations.

Diageo North America, best known for making Crown Royal whisky, has began work on a long list of improvements to its warehouses which will allow the company to cut costs by eliminating the need for third party warehousing.

This from Director of Logistics Brett DeShay who says, while an exact number isn't known just yet, the project will create additional jobs in the town.

He says the expansion is expected to be completed by March 2019.


"Very exciting for us. What we are doing is refurbishing some of the old barrel warehouses that are on the campus here and we're converting them into usable finished case goods warehouses. This is will foster growth for us here at Diageo and with the Crown Royal product. It will allow us to utilize the space and maximize the assets that we have on site. It will increase our on site capacity by double."

DeShay says they're re-purposing warehouses that would have otherwise sat empty.

"It's a multi-million dollar project. This is groundbreaking for this site. These barrel warehouses were used a number of years ago. They've been sitting empty for a period of time and now we're looking to maximize the assets we have and to improve the site."

Diageo has had a presence in Amherstburg since 1927 when the first plant was built.