The WindsorEssex Small Business Centre Supports Local Enterprising Young People Start Up and Run their Own Summer Business

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Media Release: WindsorEssex Small Business Centre


Media Release
August 29, 2018

Windsor-Essex County, Ontario - Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – The WindsorEssex Small Business Centre (SBC), a department within the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation and in partnership with the Province of Ontario has offered, for over 18 years full-time students 15 to 29 years old an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship hands-on through the Summer Company Program.  Today, the SBC hosted the media, partners and mentors at a Meet and Greet to introduce and recognize the 19 entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the Summer Company Program.   The students proudly pitched their businesses, presented what they learned about operating their own business and showcased their products and services.  

This year, the Small Business Centre received numerous submissions from across the Windsor-Essex region and 19 students were accepted into the program. The students enrolled in the program received up to $1,500 to put towards the costs to start and run their own summer business, with an additional $1,500 awarded to the students upon successful completion of the program.

David Mill, Summer Company entrepreneur and owner of MOCHILL Windows said, The SBC Summer Company Program gave me and the other participants an opportunity to develop an in depth business plan and the confidence to bring it to life.  The mentors provided us with guidance and shared real life experiences as entrepreneurs. The advice we received from Small Business Centre leaders was vital to our success. By interacting with the other young entrepreneurs, it allowed me to share my experience and gain insight into dealing with similar challenges throughout the program. By listening to the journeys of the other young entrepreneurs, I realized there were two common themes to running a business – “attrition” and “belief”. I really do credit SBC’s Summer Company program with giving me the perspective I needed to deal with the day-to-day challenges of running a business and I recommend the program to any young aspiring entrepreneur out there.”

Rakesh Naidu, COO of the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation added, “The Summer Company Program is an important initiative delivered by the Small Business Centre that provides support for our youth that will help them grow and prosper within the region. It’s important to assist these ambitious students to become future entrepreneurs and successful business owners in our region. We are so pleased to deliver this program for the students to learn what it takes to manage a business. Special thanks to local business leaders for providing hands-on coaching, training and mentorship.”

ABOUT: 2018 Summer Company Entrepreneurs and Businesses:

Media Contact:
Lana Drouillard, Director, Marketing and Communications Tel: 519 259-9600
Shannon Dyck, Manager W-E Small Business Centre



WindsorEssex Small Business Centre - 2018 Summer Company Program


Summer Company is an exciting opportunity for full-time students, 15 to 29 years old, to explore entrepreneurship hands on. Applying for Summer Company is a competitive process as space is limited and the program reaches capacity quickly. Students who are accepted receive up to $1,500 to put towards the costs to start and run their own summer business. A second award of up to $1,500 is available to the students upon successful completion of the program.  With hands-on business coaching, training and mentoring, Summer Company helps turn ambitious students into entrepreneurs.

Summer Company is administered by the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth.


·        31 Submissions from across the W-E Region

·        19 students approved

Students were required to attend a full-day of training and orientation on June 29, 2018.  As well, it is mandatory that students attend bi-weekly mentor sessions facilitated by the Small Business Centre and led by business professional and entrepreneurs from across the region. 

·        All training and mentor sessions were held at the Small Business Centre, 700 California Ave., Board Room

Topics included:  Business Management, Social Media and Marketing Strategies, Identify Your Customer, Operations, Inventory, and Process Flow Diagram, Sales/Pitch Techniques, Leadership and Business Communications, Financial Planning

·        Meet and greet with speakers, mentors and entrepreneurs

·        Mentors are members of the local business and professional community with business experience who volunteer their time to support the student entrepreneurs in their business venture by providing them with guidance, advice and motivation.

The following mentors participated in the 2018 Summer Company Program:

o   Hanlu Li and Dominik Skrzypek - Ani and Fabi Baking Kits

o   Chris and Kaitlyn Courey - Dan’s Nautical Shop and Simply Swimwear

o   John Dobrowolsky, Dobrowolsky Consulting Inc. – Sandler Training

o   Spencer Maxwell, Entrepreneur, Graduate Student and Consultant for Coffee Booster

o   Wes Langlois, Financial Planner

o   Summer Company graduates from 2017 - Adam Hyslop, Owner, of ShowBoat Cleaning Services and Rachel Barrette, Owner, of Sip de Soleil also mentored the 2018 students.



SBC Summer Company Media Day
Wednesday August 29th @ 10am-12pm

Company: Denroi Clemente Studio
Student Name: Denroi Clemente
Business Activity: Social Media/Marketing                                                                            

Company: PrintDrop
Student Name: Louie Aboush
Business Activity: Subscription box for 3D Printing filaments

Company: 4Paws 1Pup
Student Name: Emilia Quaggiotto
Business Activity: Making healthy dog treats

Company: Crate & County   
Student Name: Dakota DeRoy
Business Activity: Subscription box of local small business' products


Company: Carson's Lawn Services
Student Name: Carson Gaudry
Business Activity: Lawn care

Company: Furnish Refurbish
Student Name: Cameron Snively
Business Activity: Refurbishes used furniture

Company: Mystallic's Art Shop
Student Name: Sophia Symons
Business Activity: Creates anime prints and trinkets

Company: Plus and Minus
Student Name: Jordyn Lewis
Business Activity: Creates household products with 3D printing and CNC

Company: Magee Innovations
Student Name: Molly Collier
Business Activity: Sport stick solutions to hold inside vehicle

Company: Cedar Detailing
Student Name: Ahmad Zaitoun
Business Activity: Car detailing


Company: Impulse Videography
Student Name: David Hayo
Business Activity: Photography/videography of cars

Company: Videnda
Student Name: Alex Tu
Business Activity: Website design

Company: Evan Piatkowski Photography
Student Name: Evan Piatkowski
Business Activity: Sport and portrait photography

Company: Kegun Morkin Photography
Student Name: Kegun Morkin
Business Activity: Car photography

Company: Wigs n Wraps
Student Name: Zainab Ikpong
Business Activity: Creates wigs, hairpieces and headwraps

Company: MOCHILL Windows
Student Name: David Mill
Business Activity: Window and eavestrough cleaning


Company: Advanced Level Home and Garden
Student Name: William Verberg
Business Activity: Lawn care, landscaping and roofing 

Company: Maple Leaf Lawn Care
Student Name: Dan Bushnell
Business Activity: Lawn care

Company: SPAH (Summer Party Assistant Hostess)
Student Name: Ava Gossen
Business Activity: Lifeguard for pool parties