Windsor tech startup hopes to eliminate forgotten homework, lunch bags

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

CBC News


The 'Reminder Liner' attaches to a child's backpack and reminds them to pack items


If a tech startup in Windsor has its way, a child forgetting their homework, lunch bag or water bottle at home may soon become an issue of the past.

The "Reminder Liner" is a device designed to go in a backpack to ensure they don't leave anything behind. 

"When I was a kid I used to forget to bring things to school all the time," explained Reminder Liner CEO Alex Gervais."So about a year ago me and my friend sat down and we started thinking, 'Is there a way we can prevent kids from forgetting things?'"

The Reminder Liner attaches to the inside of the child's bag, which displays the items that need to be packed. Special radio-frequency stickers are attached to the required items and are sensed by the device as they are packed.

Children are incentivized to use the device by collecting points for successfully remembering items, which can be used to unlock special icons and sounds.

The Reminder Liner, which Gervais says is lightweight, durable and waterproof, is controlled through an app on the parent's phone.

A working prototype has been developed, in consultation with parents and children. Gervais hopes to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the fall, with the goal of raising funds to produce the first run of devices.

While early backers will get a discount, the Reminder Liner is expected to retail for $120.

Gervais isn't worried about parents balking at the three-digit price.

"Parents want their kids to learn responsibility ... [Reminder Liner] is built on the science of habit formation," he said. "Not only does it save parents upwards of $400 over five years and dozens of hours of time, it also helps kids be independent, learn responsibility and learn good habits that they'll carry with them as an adult."