Ford City Is Calling For Unique Entrepreneurs

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Blackburn News/Paul Pedro


Historic Ford City has launched a new marketing campaign to tout its resurgence.

Bridget Scheuerman, Executive Director of Ford City Business Improvement Area, is looking for bold entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take risks.

“We are looking for entrepreneurs but we are looking for an individual who has a special product that only they can make,” says Scheuerman.

The new Ford City marketing campaign slogan is “Live, Work, Create.”

Scheuerman says Ford City currently has restaurants, banquet halls, car dealerships and mold makers and there are at least 3 more businesses coming soon.

“Ford City, well let’s be honest, it has the most affordable real estate right now and it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of that,” she says.

Scheuerman says times are changing and so is the Ford City business landscape.

“The residents are all feeling better about themselves and that’s what makes this the perfect opportunity and the perfect timing. In addition to that, there’s a community improvement plan being developed for Ford City by the City of Windsor,” Scheuerman says.