EPIC Connections Networking Event

Hosted by: EPIC Genesis

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More than ever before, having a great network of individuals will help bring amazing opportunities right to your doorstep. Networking events are meant to help people interact with each other to exchange information and create new contacts. We want to help students at St. Clair College and the University of Windsor connect with faculty, alumni, entrepreneurs, and community members.

What we’ll Cover:

Before getting the chance to make new connections, we will give a brief introduction on how to properly network. We will be discussing how to approach someone, what type of questions you should be asking, how to actively listen and how to stay connected.


We have 2 main goals we hope you gain from this event: 1. Learn how to properly network 2. Grow your personal network and make meaningful connections by meeting new people in the YQG community

Materials Needed:

It is highly recommended you bring a notepad and a pen with you to take notes, and/or to write down someone’s contact information. If you have a business card, bring those as well!


This event is open to everyone! If you are a current student, alumni, faculty member, professor, entrepreneur and/or community member, please join us!

Register HERE.