Media Release: New Program to Help Newcomer Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women (WEST)



The Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women launches “The Start Up Project” for newcomer women in Windsor-Essex

Windsor, ON – Wednesday, June 13th from 10:00 am-11:30 am, The Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women, will be hosting “The Start Up Project Partnership Brunch” to launch the new program at 1368 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON.

Funded by The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI), “The Start Up Project” is an innovative program that aims to support newcomer women in starting their own businesses while increasing their knowledge and awareness about entrepreneurship.

The twenty-five week program will encourage participants to learn business skills, create their business plan, test market their products at community events, and launch their own business. 

“This is an exciting and ground-breaking experience for our organization as we are hoping to challenge the way we, as a community and as individuals think about economic independence and making an income” said Trishauna Linton, Coordinator of Women’s Services at The Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women.

This event will bring together entrepreneurs, business influencers and other stakeholder groups to share the vision and priorities of “The Start Up Project”, meet current students, and discuss areas of partnership.

“We want to use our start-up program to unlock the great potential for innovation within Windsor-Essex and, in particular, to encourage newcomer women entrepreneurship in the agriculture and food service industry” explained Leeladee Scuffle-Gayle, Lead Consultant of The Start Up Project.

Representatives of the media interested in covering the event should enter the building at 1368 Ouellette Ave by 10:00 am.

Quick Facts:

  • “The Start Up Project” aims to address barriers that may cause immigrant women from gaining economic independence.
  • “The Start Up Project” strives to accommodate a balance and ultimately creating avenues to support their families through entrepreneurship skills training and partnership.
  • Women who are enrolled in this project will be able to transfer the knowledge gained in to products and services that will, by extension contribute to the economic fabric of society.

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Media Contact:
Leeladee Scuffle-Gayle
Lead Consultant
The Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women
519-973-5588 ext 403

About The Start Up Project - The Start-Up project is the first project of its kind in Windsor, Ontario. The Start-Up project will provide avenues through sponsorship and partnership to eliminate some of the barriers to business ownership, particularly in the agriculture and food service industry. Through this project we aim to provide access to commercial kitchen, one on one mentorship and coaching for clients to gain critical business training and seeks placement for on the job training and allows participants to access other employment support and channel them to avenues that provide financial assistance and the further their career pursuits.

About Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women - Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women (WWWWIW) is a non-profit organization formed in 1982 by a group of women in the city of Windsor. The Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women strives to achieve excellence in our service delivery to immigrant and refugee women and their families in becoming full participating members of Canadian Society. Our organization’s holistic approach recognises that our clients have multifaceted identities and the negation of any aspect of that is detrimental to their full participation in the Canadian Society. Through service delivery and the ability to reach out to our clients, we are committed to assisting women and their families with priority to immigration, racialized, individuals with multiple barriers and youths.