JJK Print Inc. Launches Business in Leamington, ON

Friday, March 16, 2018

Media Release
March 16, 2018

Windsor-Essex County Ontario, March 16, 2018 - Today, JJK Print Inc announced the establishment of its new printing operation located in Leamington, Ontario. JJK Print will provide high quality, high-speed printing of labels and packaging materials for the local produce packing industry. Utilizing new state-of-the-art flexographic print press machinery and advanced processes, JJK Print is capable of producing high-quality products at speeds 40% faster than the competition - enabling JJK Print to offer better prices and shorter lead times to their customers.

John Stubbs, CEO/General Manager of JJK Print Inc. stated, “We offer a new method for the production of printed top-seal film that is used by produce packers to close off the tomato and other produce containers. This is an exciting development as it enables us to supply customers with “local” product at short notice and in small quantities, compared with the 4 month/large quantity only order cycle currently sourced outside the region.”

JJK Print now has a team of 10 highly experienced people, all shareholders and all dedicated to deliver high productivity and outstanding customer service.  As JJK Print expands and develops, further recruitment, hiring and training is planned over the coming year.

John added “We are thankful to Farm Credit Canada and BDC for their support and assistance in helping us to fund our $2 million plus investment, the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation, and all of the many local companies and organizations who have assisted us to set-up our new operation. We are so proud to say we are now “Open for Business”.

For further information please contact John Stubbs on 519-325-9700 or email JJK Print at sales@JJKprint.com



Media Contact
John Stubbs, CEO/General Manager
519 325-9700 sales@JJKPRINT.com
4 Iroquois Road, Unit 7, Leamington,ON N8H 3V7