Helping Rural Mold Makers Become Better Salespeople

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Rural mold makers including those in Essex County are getting a boost on how to market themselves and ultimately expand.

The Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation and Canadian Association of Mold Makers have received $100,000 in funding from the province to help them with marketing and business analysis.

It has hired a consulting firm that will help up to 30 rural mold makers, focused on metal cutting and fabrication.

The goal is to give them an opportunity to grow, attract new customers and create jobs.

Harbour Results Inc. out of Michigan is the consulting firm that will help.

Company President Laurie Harbour says it won't be difficult to sell this region.

"The companies here are outstanding tool shops, they are frankly some of the best shops in the world and they need more opportunities to grow and opportunity to add labour and to capture some of the market that is out there," says Harbour.

It is estimated it takes about a year to implement the process. Crest Mold in Oldcastle is one of the companies that is taking part in the program.